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We want to thank everyone for their support during the building process. We are very excited to start this chapter in our new home.

Thanks to God for his many blessings. During this whole process we have felt very blessed.

Thanks to Curtis at Keller’s Pond for telling us on a rainy winter day to go see his wife at Woodside Farms.

Thanks to Dana for being “FABULOUS” during the entire process. You always greet us with excitement and a smile!

Thanks to Shawn at Bank of America for being patient in answering my millions of questions about the loan.

Thanks to Bruce our building supervisor. We felt assured that our home was being built with care knowing you were in charge.

We especially want to thank our parents. Without their love and support we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Thanks Mimi for endless nights of babysitting when we wanted to drive by the house or go look for a new car.

Thanks to Jiji for always giving sound advice and loving enthusiasm.

Thanks to Nene and Pop. You two are always there with whatever we need whether it be a handyman job, packing, cleaning, advice, and more.

Our parents have given us a great foundation, and we will be forever grateful. Our hope is that we’ll be able to build the same for Brooke in this home.

Thanks everyone!

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Construction Slideshow

Take a look at the last 7 months!

Construction Slideshow

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We’ve started decorating!

We couldn’t resist! We had to take over a few things and put them in the house last night.

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Makes it all worth it!

One of the main things we wanted in a new house was to have a yard where Brooke could play.

So we visited the house after closing with Brooke. She ran crazy in the back yard and the front yard! She loves having all the space to play!

Posted by: powwows | July 24, 2008

Signed, sealed, delivered! It’s ours!

It’s official!

We’ve singed the papers!

It is now our home!

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Finish line!

Just finished the last walk through. Still a few small problems but nothing major!

On our way to closing!

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Walk Through and Orientation

Yesterday was our pre-closing walk through and orientation meeting. Bruce, the building supervisor, went over how to work all the appliances, gas logs, etc in the house. We also did a careful inspection of the paint, counters, flooring, landscaping and more.

There were just a few small problems! Essex has done a great job.

We have 1 more walk through right before we close on Thursday!

Just a few more days!!

Posted by: powwows | July 18, 2008

Final Approval

Bank of American gave us Final Approval today!

Posted by: powwows | July 18, 2008

Home Inspection

Yesterday we had our Home Inspection.

The inspection took about 2 1/2 hours. In the end the inspection paid for itself by finding a problem! The inspector found a small leak in the downstairs toilet. This would have gone unnoticed for at least a year resulting in replacing flooring, tiling, etc.

Thanks to Carolina Inspection Services for finding that problem!

And Essex is being great as always! They are already working on the problem. I would bet they have everything from the inspection fixed by the time we do our walk through later today.

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Another step forward!

Here are the pictures from our most recent walk through. Several more things have been finished!

  • Deck
  • Appliances
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Tile
  • Closets

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